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Board of Health

The Doddridge County Board of Health has been given the power and authority (under Chapter 16 of the West Virginia Code) to adopt, promulgate and amend Public Health Rules and Regulations, consistent with the laws of the State of WV, as may be necessary and proper for the protection of the general health of Doddridge County, and the prevention of the introduction, propagation, and spread of disease.

The Doddridge County Board of Health membership is comprised of 5 county residents appointed by the Doddridge County Commission. No more than two members who reside in the same magisterial district may be appointed and no more than two members may be appointed who are personally licensed or certified in, engaged in or actively participating in the same business, profession or occupation. No more than three members may belong to the same political party.

Current members of the Board of Health are:

BOH Chair: Lewis Knight

Vice Chair: Clinton Means

Member:  Ora Ash

Member: Judy Bee

Member: Steven Smith

Each member shall serve a five year term and shall be eligible for reappointment. Members shall serve until their duly qualified successor has been appointed. Members may be reappointed for additional terms of five years.

Regular meetings of the Doddridge County Board of Health are held four (4) times a year at the Health Department. Notice of these meetings are submitted to media outlets and posted at the health department in advance of the meeting The board shall comply with the requirements of WV Code regarding open governmental proceedings. 6-9A-3

Meetings for 2017 - 2018 all meetings are at 5:00 pm at the Doddridge County Health Department

August 28, 2017 cancelled rescheduled for Sept. 25, 2017                    March 26,2018

October 23, 2017  

December 4, 2017                                                                                          June 4, 2018