Animal Encounter:

SG-58 Animal Encounter Report Form

Body Piercing/Tattoo Studios:

SG-49 Application for Permit to Operate

SG-86 Piercing Studio Plan Review

SG-88 Piercing Technician Certification Application

SG-89 Information & Notification

SG-90 Hepatitis B Declination

64-80A Body Piercing Studio Rule Public Notice

Child Care Centers:

SG-49 Application for Permit to Operate

SG-99 Plan Review Information for Child Care Centers (New or Remodeled)


SG-51 Complaint Form

You can also fill out the Online Complaint Form  

Food Sanitation:

SF-5 Food Establishment Permit Application

SF-7A Food Guide

SF-7B Equipment Guide

SF-7C Management and Personnel Guide

SF-7D Employee Health Guide

SF-7E Inspection Guide

SF-35 Plan Review for New or Remodeled Food Establishments

SF-35 Addendum: Information Packet

Form 1-A Applicant Food Employee Interview

Form 1-B Food Employee Reporting Agreement

Form 1-C Applicant and Food Employee Medical Referral

PHSD Retail Food Emergency Flip Chart

General Sanitation:

SG-49 General Sanitation Permit Application

Manufactured Home Community:

SG-49 Application for Permit to Operate

EG-1 Manufactured Home Community Specification and Plan Review Summary Form

EG-2 Application for a permit to Construct, Install, Alter, or Extend a Manufactured Home Community

EG-4 Sewage System Information and Design Data Sheet

EG-5 Water System Design Information and Data Sheet

Recreational Water Facilities:

SG-49 Application for Permit to Operate

ER-32 Recreational Water Facility Weekly Report

SR-153 Recreation Water Facilities Tables

Swimming Pool & Spa Construction Application


SS-182A Application to Install or Modify a Small Sewage Disposal System

ES-57 Affidavit


     Home Loan Evaluations:

     SG-55 Home Loan Evaluation Report

     SG-55A Home Loan Evaluation Procedures


     Subdivision Forms:

     ES-76 Subdivision Application


     Septic Tank Cleaner Forms:

     SS-181 Application For Sewage Tank Cleaning Permit


     For Installers Only:

     SS-192 Installer Certification Renewal Application


SW-252c Springs

SW-252d Cisterns

SW-252e Installing a Hand Pump

SW-252g Pitless Units

SW-253 Request for Water Analysis

SW-256 Water Well Application

SW-258 Water Well Completion Report

SW-260 Water Well Variance Request

SW-261 Water Well Abandonment Report

SW-262 Water Well Pump Installation Report

Water Quality Labs

Private Water Well Owners–What to Do Before Drilling the Well

Private Water Well Owners–Water Well Pumping Systems

Private Well Owners-Four Steps to Water Well Safety

How to Disinfect a Private Water Well

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